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Hosted by Owen WIlliams and John Edgar, Charged Podcast tackles the issues worth discussing each week in technology and breaks them down, to figure out what's happened.

Each episode will be 20-30 minutes long, with discussion, stupid jokes and analysis. We'll also be calling a guest every week, asking them something interesting they've learned recently.

The hosts

Owen Williams | @ow

Based in Amsterdam, Owen is a writer at The Next Web and developer in every other moment freelance for The Apartment. He created Charged newsletter, and is probably far too obsessed with keeping up with the everything in tech.

John Edgar | @jedgar

John likes music and weird things and hot pics. He's the co-founder and ceo at Stae and the former Chief Technology Evangelist and VP, strategy at Digital Ocean. John has been in love with the internets since forever.

All episodes

009: Google wants to invade your home

This week John and Owen tackle Nokia coming back from the grave, Google's plethora of Home-related news, what self-driving cars are doing to humanity and more. If you like this podcast, please leave a review, or tweet us!

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007: Android’s in rough waters

This week we talk about Europe's antitrust lawsuit against Google's Android operating system and the way Medium's killing Wordpress. We also have a special guest, Justin Johnson from, to tell us what he learnt this week.

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006: The Facebook botpocalypse

The Facebook botpocalypse is upon us, as a swathe of machines descend on Messenger to converse with you about the weather. That, and John and Owen talk about Magic Pony, Artificial Intelligence, BlackBerry's shady dealings and a whole lot more. This week we're extra-long, so we hope you enjoy this in-depth listen!

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005: Facebook’s thirst to get you sharing

This week Owen and John look at Facebook's decline in sharing and its newfound focus on getting you to live stream your life, how Tesla is changing the game with the Model 3, how Google considering Swift for Android could change the game and the new world of ownership in the Internet of Things. 🤔

P.S – Sorry about the audio quality. We cleaned it up as best we could, but something went awry along the way. Back to normal next week! 😰

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004: Linux inside your Windows

This week John and Owen talk about Microsoft bringing Linux inside your Windows PC, the FBI dropping the case against Apple (for now), SoundCloud's new subscription service, Spotify's insane $1 billion dollars raised in debt and a sneak peek at a very cool new app.

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003: Algorithms shaping us, VR and how the web is messing up ads

This week on Charged Podcast, John and Owen discuss Apple's rumored migration from Amazon Web Services to Google Cloud Platform, the takeover of algorithms on our social media feeds, Playstation VR and Baidu's self-driving cars. Plus, our special guest Ryan Walsh, former VP of product at Apple Music joins us to talk about advertising technology and monetizing the web.

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002: AI takes down the humans

This week on Charged Tech we talk about Google's AlphaGo beating humans 4-1 at the infinitely complex game of Go and what that means for us, Opera adding adblock into its browser, the first app that snuck malware onto OS X and Sonos' huge layoffs.

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