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Hosted by Owen WIlliams and John Edgar, Charged Podcast tackles the issues worth discussing each week in technology and breaks them down to digest what's important.

Each episode is less than 45 minutes long and is littered with discussion, stupid jokes and analysis – with a surprise guest appearance from time to time. If you want a podcast that's straight to the point, doesn't waste your time and isn't completely boring, you'll love Charged.

The hosts

Owen Williams | @ow

Owen was previously Editor at The Next Web and developer in every other moment freelance for The Apartment. He created Charged newsletter, and is probably far too obsessed with keeping up with everything in tech.

John Edgar | @jedgar

John likes music and weird things and hot pics. He's the co-founder and ceo at Stae and the former Chief Technology Evangelist and VP, strategy at Digital Ocean. John has been in love with the internets since forever.

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020: The iPhone got owned

This week John and Owen talk about the iPhone getting its first malware, the discovery of a new planet (and the existential questions that brings along with it) and a whole lot more.

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